Fun Park

The fun park at Clifton Park is full of fun for kids and parents! Perfect for children from toddlers to twelve year-olds, the Fun Park has a whole host of rides and games to choose from.

With roller coasters, water rides, bumper cars and arcade games, the Fun Park at Clifton Park has something for everyone. There's even an arcade where you can win tickets and exchange them for prizes!

There's so much to do you'll be spoiled for choice, and with rides, games and activities for kids of all ages, the whole family can have a fabulous time!

The amusements are ran by a private operator licesed in the park, to find out more click on the link below 

Opening times

Man and child on a space ride attraction.

Young children having fun on a ride

Young children having fun on train ride

Rides, games and amusements include:

  • Toon train
  • Log fall roller coaster
  • Chair-o-planes
  • Flying tigers
  • Circus circus
  • Space jets
  • Mini Miami
  • Indian canoe water ride
  • Bouncy slide
  • Kids Bumper cars
  • Go-gator (kids roller coaster)
  • Arcade with ticket prizes

Man with child having fun on a log ride

Young children having fun on dragon ride

Boy and girl having fun on ride

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