Giants of Rotherham

Giants of Rotherham shares the everyday stories of those who have loomed large in Rotherham’s past and present. These individuals, despite being of ordinary size, have made significant contributions and impact in our community. From entertainment to inventions, to seemingly impossible feats, to art and design and archaeology.

This exhibition explores our giants through themed spaces which inspire curiosity, creativity and a sense of adventure. Laugh and lean as this exhibition brings history to life through these amazing local stories.

In this exhibition, the team worked with Richard O’Neill, an internationally acclaimed performance storyteller, author and playwright, and Lydia Lipinski from ‘Thoughts Make Things’, a Sheffield based illustrator, art director and designer.

Opens Saturday 1st July




Early Rotherham

The early Rotherham galleries show the development of Rotherham from its geological foundations to the English Civil War. The galleries focus on the Pre-historic, Roman and Medieval periods. Making use of a wide range of collections material, interactives and set dressing.

Varoius objects which from the Early Rotherham exhibition.


‘Ghost’ (2001) is a 3 x 2.5 metre scanachrome print on an aluminium lightbox, by Turner Prize-winning contemporary artist Mark Wallinger. Ghost is directly inspired by the famous painting ‘Whistlejacket’ by George Stubb, which was originally displayed at Wentworth Woodhouse, near Rotherham and is now hanging in the National Gallery, London. The celebrated 18th century painting shows a famous racehorse owned by the 2nd Marquess of Rockingham. In ‘Ghost’, Wallinger adds a narwhal tusk to a negative image of ‘Whistlejacket’, transforming the horse into a unicorn.

Ghost is on loan from Museums Sheffield.

The work now takes pride of place in the entrance hall to the museum.

Artwork of a white unicorn standing on it's back legs

Ceramics Gallery

Come and see our world renowned Rockingham pottery, made locally in Swinton. Marvel at the workmanship that created the enormous ornate Rhino vase, incredibly made in one piece!

Rhinocerous vase

The Walker Kitchen

Relax in the Walker Kitchen and enjoy the short films.
This vibrant space will also be used for events and activities, keep an eye out for our up to date activity programme.

Walker Kitchen


The Library Gallery

The library gallery focuses on what the museum has collected since it first opened in 1893. We look back to our roots of showing art and items from local societies and wealthy individuals, to objects collected from around the world, to our current focus of the story of Rotherham Borough and all its people and communities.

Gold image for Library gallery



The Lion's Den

The Lion’s Den focuses on our most beloved exhibit, Nelson the Lion. He has been given his own gallery, with the focus on families and young children.

Crawl through our baobab tree, or listen to Nelson roar. This is one of our most popular exhibits

Lions den

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